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Hidden Dog Fence Repair

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We Repair Broken and Outdated Hidden Dog Fences

We service ALL brands of Pet Containment Systems

Did you recently move into a new home with a hidden fence that doesn't work? Is your system outdated? Is the company who installed it out of business? These are common problems for home owners and we can help you get back on track. We diagnose and repair ALL brands of pet containment systems or hidden fence systems on the market, not just DogWatch®. If you have no idea who installed it or even what brand it is, let us take a look at it so you can avoid paying for a completely new system.

We can save you hundreds of dollars by reparing or upgrading an existing system and have you up and running in no time. Get your pets protected again as soon as possible. We can even train your pets with the updated system.

The most common problem is "line breaks". We have the proper equipment to locate them quickly and splice them properly to prevent future breaks.

Missing Collars?

No problem, we can match collars for your pets and integrate them into your existing system. Our technicians will perform a complete test of your system and let you know your options.

Don't keep a pet containment system down too long. Regain the freedom for your pets and keep them safe with peace of mind. Call DogWatch of Central CT, Inc today to schedule an appointment!

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