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Hi Sue,I had Dogwatch install their Hidden Fence System at my home shortly after I got my puppy Frankie because I had found him in the road several times and was very worried for his safety. I was one of the best investments I ever made for it freed me from worrying about Frankie's safety. Dogwatch was timely, efficient and eager to please me when they installed Frankie's fence. Sue did a great job training Frankie as to how to respect the boundaries I had selected for his area. And, Frankie was always so excited to see Sue arrive for training as she was always so attentive to him and made his learning fun. Several years after they installed my fence I needed to move to another home. Dogwatch was great in assisting me with reinstalling the fence in our new home. I heartily recommended Dogwatch to anyone who loves their dog and wants to assure their safety. In fact, one of my new neighbor's followed my recommendation and also selected Dogwatch Hidden Fence System for their new puppy because I spoke so highly of them. Sue, please feel free to change the wording on this if you need to, but do call me so I will know what I said.

Regards, Penny and Frankie

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If it was not for DogWatch of Central CT, Inc I would have had to chain up my dog. In 2005 my German Shepherd Alexia attacked and seriously injured another dog. Our local Dog Warden told us that we where going to have to chain her up, because she was considered a threat to other dogs. The next day I put up a runner for my dog, but she kept getting tangled up in it, and I was concerned for her safety. I started looking for another alternative and that's when I found DogWatch. I called them and scheduled an appointment to come and meet me and my dog. They gave me a very reasonable estimate, and a couple days later we had our fence. The training process was amazing Sue, our trainer had Alexia trained in about a week. I never thought that my dog that had chased squirrels, cats, deer, and anything else that walked would stay in our yard. Alexia had such a high prey drive and it worried me that she would not stay in the fence. Here we are almost 2 years later and she has not one time gone through that fence. I was also a little worried because Alexia was not a puppy she was 5 years old and extremely stubborn, but Sue assured me that age should not be a factor, and it wasn't. I recently purchased another German Shepherd, and one of the first people I called was DogWatch to put her on the fence. DogWatch of Central CT, Inc offers you unlimited training for your dog and, their knowledge of dogs was unbelievable. I accidentally broke through my fence with a garden tool and a couple of hours later they where there to fix it. The service that you receive is like no other. Having the fence has really been peace of mind for me and my family. It allowed my dogs to run freely and not be tied up. I cannot say enough about DogWatch, the fence installers are remarkable and the training that you get is exceptional. I would recommend DogWatch to anyone who has a dog big or small, old or young. I love being able to watch my dogs run in the yard freely, and not have to worry about them chasing something that's not in their yard!!!

Amy - Wolcott, CT

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Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience from beginning to end. You and your staff were very professional and we are happy to finally get our dogs off their leashes and running around. I can't begin to explain the time we saved by just being able to let them out without having to constantly check to see if they were still around. They now have almost two acres to have fun, play around and of course get some excercise. Having the hidden fence system has been a blessing and it eliminated all the stress we had beforehand wondering where they may have ventured off to. We are grateful and will recommend Dogwatch of Central Florida to all of our family and friends!

Mike, Jen, Blizzard & Chip-

What The Vets Are Saying

Spring Glen Veterinary Clinic

DogWatch of Central CT, Inc put an electric fence around my house and it is the best device my family has acquired in a long time. The people at DogWatch were terrific. They showed up on time, did their work efficiently and were very pleasant to work with. We had a previous electric fence and there is not comparison as to how much better this on works. DogWatch was also very responsive when I had a question about the fence five or six months after it was put in. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in installing an electric fence consider DogWatch of Central CT, Inc.

Larry Cohen D.V.M
Spring Glen Veterinary Clinic
Hamden , CT

Southington Veterinary Associates

Your systems have been a huge success in my household. Both of my dogs tend to be predatory car chasers and they have shown absolutely no desire to go through the hidden fence. I believe that integral to that success was the time you spent training them to recognize and respect the boundaries. They are also high energy dogs and have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that your system has given them. The indoor system has also been highly successful. Most appreciated was your willingness to return and adjust the system to control my on problem cat, Max. I can whole heartedly recommend your systems, both indoor and outdoor, to anyone.

Rodger E. Foster, D.V.M
Southington Veterinary Associates
Southington , CT

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